Madison & Monona Mayors On Water Conservation: World Water Week 2012

Mayor Soglin said: “I am pleased to proclaim Thursday, March 22, 2012 to be World Water Day and ask that citizens join me in celebrating and conserving water throughout World Water Week

Mayor Miller announced that his city’s 2011 sustainability survey showed “water to be the issue of greatest concern to Monona residents.”

Fixing or replacing leaking faucets and toilets is a great way for consumers to save water. Jeff Hellenbrand, owner of Hellenbrand Inc. based in Waunakee, noted their company offers a high efficiency water softener that uses over 75% less salt and 35% less water than traditional water softeners. Softened water saves the consumer money on energy costs; reduces the amount of detergents and soap needed to clean, thus reducing the amount of phosphates that go down the drain and into our lakes. “Our company has also developed a Water Management System that allows the consumer to reclaim over 60% of the water used to recharge your water softener that would go down the drain. Instead, we can reuse that water to flush toilets within a household.”


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